13G high density black silicone cable (50cm) (solder plated)

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\935 JPY
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\850 JPY
This high-current power cable boasts three times the number of cores of a typical silicon cable, and comes in a variety of specifications and prices that are affordable even for those with a layout in which the motor and ESC are close together.

In addition, the tip of this product is solder-plated, which improves soldering efficiency and provides more stable power transmission performance.

[What is solder plating?]

Solder plating here refers to the process of applying a thin coating of a small amount of solder to the core wires at the tip of the cable.

By bundling the core wires at the welded parts with solder, you can not only improve the efficiency of soldering work but also minimize power loss.

*In order to maximize the performance of the ESC and motor, please solder plate the cable when cutting it for use.

Please note that if there is too much solder, the solder will seep into the inside of the cable due to capillary action, compromising the flexibility of the tip.