Perfect Neo V3 (AC / DC charger / discharger)

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\8,424 JPY
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\5,460 JPY
LCD Japanese mode installed!
AC / DC compatible!
For high voltage lipo correspondence!
Powers customer service fully compatible
(If you are unsure of how to use such as lipos. we will correspond by phone with Powers customer service)

Best selling charge and discharge device Perfect Neo has evolved to Version 3.
In addition to AC / DC input. maximum charge current 7 A / maximum discharge current 1 A is demonstrated.
The high voltage lipo mode was additionally installed and it became 80 W by setting the parent power supply to DC input.
The popular Japanese display function is easy to operate as usual and is a charger that can be recommended for everyone who loves RC and survival games.

- It corresponds to charging and discharging of various batteries such as NiCad. nickel hydrogen. lithium polymer. lithium ferrite. high voltage lipo. lead battery.
Compatible with both AC / DC input power supply. maximum charge current 7 A / maximum discharge current 1 A is demonstrated.
Balanced charging and storage charging of lithium based batteries are possible.
Cycling of nickel based batteries is possible.
Japanese / English display switching is possible.
Various protection functions.
Charger connector included.

Input voltage AC 100 V to 240 V. DC 11 V to 18 V
Charge current 0.1 A to 7.0 A (80 W at maximum DC. 50 W at AC) * 1
Discharge current 0.1 A to 1.0 A (maximum 5 W) * 1
Balance current Li - Po / Li - Fe: 0.3 A
Rechargeable battery type NiCad. nickel hydrogen. Li - Po. Li - lon. Li - HV. Li - Fe (A 123). PB (lead storage battery)
Number of chargeable cells NICOKAD. 1 to 15 nickel hydrogen cells (1.2 V to 18.0 V)
Li - Po. Li - lon. Li - Fe. Li - HV 1 to 6 cells
Weight Approximately 400 g (body only)
Size 136 127 56 mm
Body color gun metallic

* 1: Maximum power is battery terminal voltage current during charging and discharging
If this number exceeds the maximum power. the current value is automatically limited.

Included connector
Charging connector Deans male type
Charging connector XT60 type
Conversion attachment BEC connector
Conversion attachment RX connector
Conversion attachment glow plug
Converting attachment alligator
Conversion attachment Tamiya connector