Beetle 2014 Kit

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\41,800 JPY
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\33,440 JPY
Legend again! The beetle that runs through the off-road is revived. With the latest equipment added to the original. further driving begins now!

The legendary off-road machine Beetle along with Scorpion. As an electric buggy that represents the 1980s. its name is still known worldwide. And now. in response to the voices of enthusiastic fans. that brave figure has descended into the off-road scene of the 21st century. The upgrade type rudder frame 2WD chassis. which was very popular at Scorpion 2014. is adopted in the funny form reminiscent of the actual Baha racer. Based on the original chassis that was once said to have come from the future. we have implemented a number of the latest equipment. For experts who know the achievements of the past. or for modern drivers who did not know its existence. please enjoy the running of the modern Beetle that further enhances the glory of the time.

-Reprint of the off-road machine Beetle. Each part is upgraded to 2014 specifications.
Gear box and oil damper are already assembled. (Injection of optional oil is required)
6061 T6 aluminum forged suspension arm.
Equipped with a differential gear inside a 2-piece aluminum die-cast gearbox.
The slipper clutch provides gear protection and freedom of setting.
Smooth operation with aluminum cylinder + stainless shaft oil damper.
Flat surface is made by rubbing the screwed part.
Reduced weight by reducing the use of nuts and tapping screws.
Most of the screws are used as hex screws to achieve a crisp assembly feeling.
The rear wheel has a one-piece structure to reduce weight.
Inner sponge is attached to the rear tire.
New block pattern tires made of high-grip material are newly adopted.
Full ball bearing specifications (14 pieces) High efficiency.
Battery box shape that supports various types and types of batteries.
The optional Altima RB system ball diff can be installed.