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A spartan pure racing buggy that demonstrates its true value only by running
Revived with a brush-up that matches the modern R / C scene

Based on Scorpion. which has excellent basic components. Tomahawk appeared in 1983 after making numerous modifications as a pure competition vehicle specialized in racing. At the same time as the release. it swept the domestic / overseas off-road racing scene. and its activity will still be engraved in the memory of many R / C car freaks. The timeless famous car that gave off such a strong impact has been revived as the third model in the vintage series in a form that responds to the requests of many Kyosho fans who are eager to reprint it. The chassis follows Scorpion 2014. which has generously introduced metal parts such as 6061 T6 aluminum main frame and forged suspension arm. and 2-piece aluminum die-cast gear box with built-in gear differential. but has made its position as a pure racing buggy immovable. Faithfully reproduce the Spartan double deck style unique to Tomahawk. Of course. instead of reproducing the original model exactly as it is. we are also trying to brush up each part with a view to running on modern R / C circuits and installing the latest power source. There may be many people who look and enjoy just because the long-awaited reprint model of the fan has appeared. but Tomahawk is optimal by installing the battery horizontally in addition to the significant weight reduction by eliminating the mechanical box. It is recommended to run and enjoy as it is a machine that has a sharp running unique to a pure racing buggy by acquiring a good weight balance.

A reprint of the Tomahawk that swept the 80s race scene. Each part has been brushed up to 2015 specifications.
The gear box and oil shock are already assembled (need to inject the attached oil).
With decals that can reproduce vivid coloring. The net of the side window is also expressed with decals.
The body mount on the rear side has a new stay to enable secure fixing of the body.
The front and rear tires follow the original image. while the block pattern is optimized and high-grip materials are used.
Equipped with a slipper clutch that protects the drive system from rough driving and allows fine adjustment to all road surface conditions.
The main frame is flattened by countersunk screw processing. and the number of nuts used is reduced by tap processing.
Except for some of the screws used for the chassis. it is a hex type that can be securely tightened and has high workability.
Chassis tune-up is possible with various optional parts for Scorpion.
A package that faithfully reproduces the original image by adopting a blister.

Assembled kit (gear box and oil damper are already assembled)
Polycarbonate clear body
L-shaped hexagon wrench
Cross wrench
Shock wrench
Shock oil

2ch 1 servo radio for each companys car
540 class motor (recommended 30-27 turns)
Used motor adaptive ESC
7.2V Ni-MH battery for driving
Polycarbonate body paint
Battery for transmitter
Tool (1.5. 2. 2.5mm hex wrench driver)

Chassis technical data
Overall length: 380mm
Overall width: 236mm
Overall height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 263mm
Tread (F / R): 198mm / 195mm
Tire (F / R): 75 20mm / 85 41mm
Gear ratio: H specification 6.9: 1. L specification 8.3: 1
Total weight: Approximately 905g (R / C mechanism. no battery)
Motor: 540 class