Turbo Scorpion

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Its not just a mere reprint. but the brush-up of each part makes it more lacy and more stylish.

The Turbo Scorpion. which debuted in 1982 and was upgraded to a more lacy version of the series. and attracted many R / C fans at that time. is back as the 5th model in the vintage series! Approximately two years have passed since the reprint of the legendary machine Scorpion. which raised the category of racing buggies to the level of pure motor sports in both name and reality. Based on this reprinted version of Scorpion. each part has been brushed up to improve the fighting power of Turbo Scorpion. which has been revived this time. but in order to evolve more lacy and more stylishly according to the modern R / C scene. While faithfully reproducing the original at that time. it is the ultimate one full of gimmicks that further upgrade the reprinted Scorpion. The most important feature is the front and rear tires and wheels. Adopting the 2.2-inch standard of the modern version. the tire size has been increased a little to improve the gap running performance. The oil damper is also equipped as standard with a large diameter 12mm type based on Optima. ensuring high running stability by obtaining more reliable damping characteristics. In addition. drivability has been greatly improved by using a 20mm front wide tread and a 10mm long wheelbase from Scorpion. Combined with the front and rear tires with high grip. it achieves a higher level of driving. In addition. we are generously introducing a large number of new parts to support modern circuits and power sources. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a full option specification in the normal state. and it is recommended to run hard and enjoy it only for the turbo scorpion which has a chassis configuration.

Brush up the Turbo Scorpion to match the modern off-road scene.
Gear box and oil damper pre-assembled kit.
Equipped with the same mini bumper as at that time to enhance the lacy image.
Reinforced rear suspension post L with added flange is used to strengthen the rear suspension.
Faithfully reproduce the same loop mount light bucket as at that time. Optional LED light can be installed by bolt-on.
The screwed part is treated with a dish fir to make it a flat surface.
The decals included in the kit have been die-cut. Since it stretches moderately. workability is good and the body can be finished beautifully.

Pre-assembled kit (gearbox pre-assembled)
Polycarbonate clear body
Chassis parts
L-shaped hexagon wrench
Cross wrench
Damper wrench
Damper oil

2ch1 servo radio for each companys car
540 class motor (recommended: Le Mans 490 brush motor or Le Mans 240S brushless motor 19.5T)
Motor applicable ESC (Recommended when using Le Mans 490 brush motor: ORION WP Recommended ESC for brush motor 45A . Le Mans 240S Recommended ESC when using brushless motor 19.5T: Le Mans 240S ESC < No.37051 ))
ESC-adaptive driving battery used
Polycarbonate body paint
Battery for transmitter
Tool (1.5. 2. 2.5mm hex wrench driver)

Chassis technical data
Overall length: 408mm
Overall width: 256mm
Overall height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 273mm
Tread (F / R): 218mm / 215mm
Tire (F / R): 82 27mm / 86 42mm
Gear ratio: 6.9: 1 / 8.3: 1 (choose from 2 types)
Total weight: Approximately 1.500g
Motor: 540 type (sold separately)