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A reprint that goes beyond the reprint is finally born! The famous car Scorpion is back!
Faithful to the original. but upgraded to every corner!

The legendary machine Scorpion has raised the category of racing buggies to the level of pure motor sports in both name and reality. Introduced in 1982. more than 30 years later. it is a timeless masterpiece with fans all over the world. The pride of Kyosho has finally come back! At that time. we respected the basics of the original chassis. which was said to be a baha buggy style that runs through the wilderness. and remanufactured it without losing its taste and innovation. On top of that. it was upgraded to the 2014 specifications for speed and durability comparable to running on a modern buggy course. At first glance. the semi-trailing arm type suspension looks like the original. but the suspension arm is a high-grade one made of 6061T6 aluminum forging. It has tough rigidity. strength. and durability. Furthermore. while following the original shape. a differential gear is installed in the aluminum die-cast gear box that has been redesigned to a two-piece structure. In addition. it is equipped with a slipper clutch. which can effectively utilize traction while protecting the mission. raising the controllable maneuverability and durability that were the original characteristics to a further level. The gear has also been refined to 48 pitches. thoroughly suppressing traction pulsation. and achieving straightforward driving characteristics. And the chassis bottom has a flat surface finish with countersunk processing. There is no protrusion of the screw head. reducing contact resistance and scraping with the road surface. It runs through the course with high durability. The oil damper combines a stainless steel shaft and an aluminum cylinder to operate smoothly from the beginning of the stroke to the bottom. We will show off a run suitable for a racing buggy. The packaging is an assembly kit format similar to the original. but the structure has been renewed to use almost no tapping screws or nuts. By cutting taps on the parts side and using most of the screws as hex screws. we have realized a crisp assembly and light weight and high rigidity. Please check Scorpion 2014 for the secret of why famous cars continue to be called famous cars. Whether you are an expert who knows the past or a modern driver who did not know its existence. there is a world that will surely convince you.

Reprint of the famous car Scorpion. High performance of each part as 2014 specifications.
Gear box and oil damper assembled kit (separate injection).
The screwed part is dish-rubbed to create a flat surface.
Reduced weight by reducing the use of nuts and tapping screws.
The optional Ultima RB series ball diff can be installed.

Assembled kit (gear box and oil damper are already assembled)
Polycarbonate clear body
L-shaped hexagon wrench
Cross wrench
Damper wrench
Damper oil
Thread lock agent

2ch1 servo radio for each companys car
540 class motor (recommended: 30-27 turns)
Used motor adaptive ESC
Driving battery pack
Polycarbonate body paint
Battery for transmitter
Tool (1.5. 2. 3mm hex wrench driver)

Chassis technical data
Overall length: 398mm
Overall width: 236mm
Overall height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 263mm
Tread (F / R): 198mm / 195mm
Tire (F / R): 75 20mm / 85 41mm
Gear ratio: H specification 6.9: 1. L specification 8.3: 1 (2 combinations included)
Total weight: Approximately 985g (R / C mechanism. no battery)
Motor: 540 class