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Stops in the air with Bishit! ! From the high-spec LIVE STYLE series. the Type-1000HD equipped with the optical flow sensor. which is the first toy drone. is now available. This is really light hobby quality.

Kyosho Egg Toid Loans flagship machine with the latest functions is Type-1000HD.
This series. which allows you to perform monitoring aerial photography in real time. can enjoy maneuvering in three patterns.
The first is controlled only by the transmitter.
The second is to download a dedicated app (compatible with Google Play and APP Store) on your smartphone or tablet. and control it only with your smartphone.
Third. you can attach your smartphone or tablet to the attachment of the 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitter that comes with your smartphone and control the aerial video with FPV (first person view) while enjoying the live video.
The front-mounted camera records 2 million pixels. 720 HD/frame rate 25 fps. which is the highest specification in the toy drone market. and shoots movies or still images.
In addition. the camera mounted on the bottom can shoot from above with 300.000 pixels.
You can also switch between the front and bottom dual cameras with a special app to project.
Type-1000HD is equipped with various tip sensors and you can enjoy various functions.
And equipped with an optical flow sensor to stop in the air.
This is a function that automatically corrects the deviation from the first recognized position when hovering posture from the mechanism of motion tracking module that lower camera optically measures distance and position.
In addition. a 6-axis gyro sensor is installed to realize long-stable flight.
No matter which direction the front of the drone faces. headless function allows the operator to operate the front. rear. left and right intuitively. one button landing function allows one-touch button landing. low speed There is no shortage of gimmicks to be introduced. such as three-speed speed changes of medium speed and high speed.
Continuous flight time is about 10 minutes. flight distance is about 30m.
Equipped with a protector to protect the propeller in consideration of safety.
The world of light hobby proposed by Kyosho Egg is an item that was born with the aim of becoming a toy + . equipped with a feeling of operation more than a toy grade and a deep gimmick.
The LIVE STYLE series. which has benefited from such technological advances. is perfect as a high-spec toid loan.

Domestic official acquisition 2.4GHz transmitter 4CH operation. ideal for beginner to intermediate level drones
Mode 2 adopted
Indoor/outdoor use
Equipped with two cameras. front/bottom. monitoring by switching between front/bottom and screen
Front: (2 million pixels. 720 HD/frame rate 25 fps)
Bottom: (300.000 pixels)
Achieves stable hovering with an optical flow sensor
Download the dedicated app. real-time shooting. switch camera images
6-axis gyro function. headless function. one-button landing function
Low-speed/medium-speed/high-speed 3 step speed change function
3.7V 1000mAh lithium battery/USB charger included (charging time approx. 150 minutes)
Continuous flight time about 10 minutes
Sending distance: about 30m
Up to 10 simultaneous flights
Target age 10 years and over
Body weight less than 200g. non-regulated product

Technical data
Body size: W180mmD180mmH40mm
Body weight: 85g
Package size: W360mmD130mmH250mm
Body battery: Lithium battery included (3.7V 1000mAh)

Kit contents
Drone body
USB charging cable
Instruction manual
Propeller x 3 sets
Phillips screwdriver
Propeller replacement jig

What you need to drive
3 AA alkaline batteries for transmitter
USB A/C adapter for charging