4WD off-road racer Turbo Optima

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\55,000 JPY
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\46,750 JPY
More competitive. more cool...
Updated to match the modern scene while faithfully reproducing the original!

The strongest turbo Optima in the series debuted in 1986 after the Optima that created a sensation in the electric off-road scene. At that time. it was standard equipped with a number of items such as large-diameter tires. large-capacity pressure dampers. front and rear stabilizers. and a Le Mans 240S motor to enhance its competitiveness. Appeared as the 7th in the series! The basic mechanism of the chassis is the Turbo Optima. which inherits the Javelin. and the Optima. which has been brushed up in consideration of running on modern R/C circuits and installation of the latest power source. However. in this reprint. while faithfully reproducing the original. it is a major feature that it is not just a reprint. Gold alumite parts. which were an option at the time. were standard equipment. new tires that show almighty characteristics due to the block pattern that fits modern driving situations. and gold dampers with excellent workability Dial vehicle height It has been given specs that satisfy the owners desire to own it in terms of driving and visuals. such as changing it to an adjustable type.

While faithfully reproducing the original Turbo Optima. each part has been upgraded to accommodate the latest power sources.
-The drive system is a belt 4WD system. A chain pulley is also included in the kit. and you can change the drive system by purchasing an optional chain.
-FRP mechanical plate that can be equipped with speed controllers from various companies.
The rear hub carrier can be selected from 0. 1. and 2 toe angles by replacing the resin bush.
Aluminum hexagonal wheel hub brushed up to a type that can be fixed securely with set screws.
- Equipped with a metal counter gear.
Full ball bearings (18 pieces)
-A separate helmet and polycarbonate body are included.
Battery stays that can be used with various current batteries are hook-and-loop fasteners (battery straps with printed KYOSHO logo are included) for easy attachment and detachment of batteries.
The screw used for assembly is a hex type that can be securely tightened and has high workability.

A simple but highly rigid aluminum backbone chassis. A total of 15 main aluminum parts. including the main chassis. damper stays. and motor guard. are standard equipment with gold anodized parts. which were optional at the time.
The main chassis. damper stays. and plates are made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy. which has excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Consideration is also given to reducing the number of nuts used by flattening by processing countersunk screws and by tapping. Under guard of gold alumite specification is also standard equipment.
The gear module adopts a 48-pitch that is more detailed and reduces drive loss. and the rear differential case integrated with the counter gear and final gear is made of durable metal as standard equipment.
The gearbox is equipped with a slipper clutch that protects the drive system from sudden load changes such as landing from a jump. Easy to adjust for different road conditions.
The aluminum oil damper is a dial height adjustment type that reproduces the atmosphere of the time. And evolved from pressure type to aeration type. Refine attenuation settings.
The double wishbone suspension. which features reliable operation and long stroke. uses a stronger arm than before to improve the operation feeling.
Equipped with stabilizers on the front and rear to realize sharper driving by suppressing roll during cornering.
In order to support the 8.4V battery in 1986. the body. which was set wider than the Optima. is also faithfully reproduced. Comes with a masking sheet and decals that enable package colors.
While following the image of the original. the tire adopts a new product with a revised block pattern to emphasize driving performance. Comes standard with a large diameter type (50 mm / 2 inches) that reproduces the stylish design that has evolved into a one-piece.
technical data
Total length 395mm
Width 244mm
Height 120mm
Wheelbase 260mm
Front tread 208mm
Rear tread 208mm
Gross weight about 1.600g
Tire (common to F/R) 8236mm
Motor 540 class size (sold separately)
Gear ratio 9.24:1
Mountable battery size: L90-140xW50xH25mm

Kit contents
-Kit chassis
L-shaped type hex wrench
Cross wrench
Damper wrench
Damper oil

What you need before running

- 2-channel radio set (servo x 1. ESC x 1)
540 motor (27T to 20T recommended)
*For brushless motor specifications: No.37031 Le Mans 240S brushless motor 19.5T. No.37051B Le Mans 240S ESC (60A/MAX 13.5 turns)
*For brush motor specifications: 1No.37021 Le Mans motor (brush. 30 turns). No.82245 KA060-91W waterproof ESC for brush motor
Power battery (7.2V Ni-MH battery or 7.4V Li-PO battery) recommended: No.GAB4202 Gens ace LiPo 4000 straight pack
Power battery charger (12V stabilized power supply for DC)
Body painting tool
Dry battery for transmitter
Tools (1.5/2.0/3.0mm hexagon wrench driver. radio pliers. curved scissors. cutter. Phillips screwdriver may be required when replacing the servo horn.)

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