Optimamid 87 World War Spec 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

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\74,800 JPY
Return to the form that fought at the top of the world! The origin of Optimamid is revived

In 1987. the Kyosho team entered the 4WD class of the 2nd IFMAR (International Model Race Car Federation) Electric Off-Road Car World Championship held in England with a prototype machine that was a mid-engine version of the conventional Optima.
The prototype. tentatively named Mid-Optima at the time. was in a state close to that of the actual race. but five cars advanced to the A-main final race. where the top 10 cars from the preliminaries competed. Although it unfortunately missed out on the honorable mention. it achieved second place and showed the world its high performance. This prototype eventually received the official name Optimamid and went on the market. making it possible for anyone to experience world-class performance.

Special equipment
Optima Propody / Large polycarbonate wing / Special decal / Peppermint green wheels for Altima / Front and rear pole differentials / Front universal swing shaft / Carbon main chassis / Carbon upper deck / Carbon front and rear shock stays / Gunmetal finish aluminum parts / HD deck mount / HD rear suspension Holder / HD servo mount / HD ST plate / Reinforced front and rear suspension plates / 7075 Jura main gear shaft / Aluminum M4 countersunk washers / Front and rear titanium coated damper shafts / Front and rear fine selection shock springs (MH) / Turnpuckle rod (38 & 50mm) / Serposaper bearings / front and rear soft conbound tires

-It is not just an optional parts specification. but a faithful reproduction of the works specifications at the time. such as the body / wing / decal / wheel.
Ball differentials installed at the front and rear ensure smooth operation and provide maximum traction by slipping when excessive load is applied.
The front drive shaft uses a universal swing shaft with excellent drive efficiency. It also reduces vibration during steering and is effective in improving steering characteristics.
Optional parts are standard equipment. and the aluminum parts have a commemorative model-limited color.
The main chassis and upper deck are made of lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber. Demonstrates high running performance with moderate bending characteristics.
The oil damper of the aluminum cylinder has a gunmetal finish that is only available on the 60th anniversary limited edition model.
The damper shaft is coated with titanium to increase wear resistance.
The front and rear damper stays are made of existing optional carbon fiber as standard equipment. Reliably receives input from the damper.
-The main gear shaft that transmits the drive from the spur gear to the gearbox is made of 7075 super duralumin with hard anodized treatment. It is significantly lighter than conventional steel products and contributes to improved throttle response.

[Technical data]
Total length 390mm
Full shot 250mm
Overall height 160mm
Wheel pace 255mm
Tread (F/R) 208mm
Tire (F/R) 8236mm
Gear ratio 8.28:1
Complete weight approximately 1550g (when equipped with GAB4202)
Motor 540 class (sold separately)

set content
Kit chassis
Clear body
Mask sheet
Hexagonal wrench
Cross wrench
Damper wrench
Damper oil
60th anniversary sticker

[What you need before driving]
- 2-channel transceiver from each company. servo x 1. ESC x 1 (receiver size: L48 x W35 x H17mm or less)
-Speed controller (Speed controller size: L40 x W42 x H29.5mm or less)
540 class motor
- Running battery (Pattery size: L140 x W50 x H25mm or less)
Battery for transmitter
Charger for driving battery
Body paint