Matek USB power adapter 2.5A

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Product introduction
It is an active hobby Matek USB power adapter 2.5A.
Smartphone and tablet devices in the Lipo battery. etc. USB power adapter appearance that can be charged!

Corresponding to the DC power supply of 7 ~ 26V.
2 to 6-cell Lipo battery and 12V car battery or the like for R / C. charge and various USB devices. smart phones and tablet devices can be used.
Leisure outdoors. of course. also active in an emergency such as a power outage or disaster.
iPad series in a high-power specification of up to 2.5A is also possible charge.
Taking into account the heat dissipation properties. adopt a design that takes advantage of the printed circuit board of the precursor.
Including lipo cut off to prevent over-discharge. in four of the protection function to prevent an over-voltage. short circuit. reverse polarity. input side (battery / power) is also the output side (smart phone. etc.) is also well protected.

5-mode liquid crystal display screen. and then display the following status.
Voltage (V) - input (battery / power supply) side of the voltage
- Current (A) - output to the output (smartphone. etc.) side
Capacity (mAh) - display whether the power is supplied how much to the output (smartphone. etc.) side in milliamps
Total capacity (Total mAh) - Displays whether the total was powered much in one of the battery in the ma
Time (0:00:00) - total power supply time of one of the battery

connector for battery connection is not included. Please prepare separately to suit your get battery.

Specifications and appearance for because it is subject to change without prior notice of the improvement. the latest information. please check at the manufacturer page and the like.