Servo fixing reinforced bush (white) for 4 5mm holes

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\324 JPY
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\300 JPY
¢£ Newly released Reinforced Bush for Servo Fixing for 5mm Hole (White) that only inserts the screw between the screws to attach the servo to the servo mount!
¢£ By using this product. the mounting position of the servo and chassis is optimized. the center at the time of attaching and detaching the servo does not shift. and it is not necessary to adjust the sub trim of the radio every time.
¢£ It is very effective when you want to put out the center of the servo firmly. such as 4-point fastening of the YD-2 series roundly ST slide rack. It is also recommended for categories other than drift.
¢£ Material is POM ¡¦ Duracon® and has excellent sliding characteristics. strength. elastic modulus and impact resistance. It is also used for various Eg plastic housings and bearing parts. Material.

¢£ Product Details ¡¦ Strengthened bush for fixing servo (white) For 5mm hole FUTABA / SANWA compatible x 4
* The diameter of the mounting hole of the servo body is 5mm or less. Not compatible with 4.5mm diameter mounting holes. (4.5mm hole (KN-KB01) is also on sale!)