HT Brass Screw Plate Type M3x16mm 10 pieces

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\324 JPY
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\330 JPY
Newly released High Traction Brass Screw. which has brass screws that contribute to improve stickiness. ground contact. grip and tracing.
Recently. it is often said that the driving characteristics change due to the change of screw material. Common materials are aluminum. titanium and steel. HT Brass Bis released this time! This is made of brass. The weight is about 10% heavier than the steel screws commonly used in chassis kits.
The most effective way to take advantage of the characteristics of this screw is to use the suspension mount! !! Especially in the case of a radidri using a low grip resin tire. changing the screw of the front suspension mount improves the feeling of grounding and tracing. and by using it for the rear suspension mount. the grip feeling of the rear tire increases. !! Especially. the stickiness in the lateral direction is generated. so you can enjoy a heavy movement!
First. we recommend using it for the front and rear suspension mounts! From there. you can return the screws on the front and rear suspension mounts to the steel. and adjust the grip and slide control changes to your liking! As the grip on the rear rises. the grip on the front tire also changes. so you can adjust the front-to-back grip balance by using it for the front suspension mount as well! You can easily improve the grip on the front even in the modern radish scene where front weight reduction is popular!
In the impression of those who tried before the release. Aluminum feels like eating vertically vertically. brass feels like eating vertically and horizontally! You can see the difference immediately after entering the course! We were able to receive high evaluations such as Its easier to create a posture to stand up in the corner!
In addition. by using it as a screw for fixing the wheel of a lightweight axle such as OD. you can also improve the rolling of the front tire! The usage is endless! Enjoy your Rajidori life with various ideas! !!
There are four sizes to be released: M38mm/10mm/12mm/16mm. I chose the size that would be used for the suspension mount. M316mm is lineup for OD adjustable suspension mount/Type-2 skid adjustment.
This time we will release a plate screw. please use a Phillips screwdriver No. 2 (No. 2) to tighten and loosen. If you use a Phillips screwdriver that does not fit the size. the + part of the screw will be crushed or licked. so use No. 2 (No. 2) of the Phillips screwdriver that was the correct size.