Multi-angle knuckle set black

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\8,580 JPY
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\7,800 JPY
Type C Suspension Related/GRK3 Suspension relationship
From SHIBATA brand GRK Premium Series
Matching tests are repeated at various locations from the development stage to respond to the current RWD drift scene
[Multi-angle knuckle set] will be released!

It can be adjusted to your preferred front geometry by the adjustment mechanism provided in each part.
The front trace feeling and geometry like GRK4 can be reproduced with this knuckle.

Contents and applicable models
Multi-angle knuckle body (one on each side)
Multi-angle knuckle adapter (one on each side)
M2.6 mm x 10 mm cap screws (4 in total)
M2.6mm x 0.5mm aluminum spacer (4 pieces in total)
* Pillow balls. 850 bearings. axles. etc. are not included.
It can be used for all GRKs. (Limited to RWD specification vehicles with front A-arm.)
* Standard on GRK4