Variable ESC plate set (red)

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\4,104 JPY
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\3,970 JPY
GRK4 relationship/R31WORLD
* Adaptive chassis
GRK Global Series including GRK-M

Product description
GRK Premium Series
ESC plate set with a 3-piece split structure.
The heavy-duty ESC (amplifier) is mounted on the back of the gearbox to improve traction performance.

By combining M3 aluminum spacers and screws (sold separately). it is possible to attach the ESC mount plate alone to the front side of the gear box or combine the gear diff case and rear diffuser with the base block alone.

It can handle various drift scenes.

Aluminum ESC mount plate (with SHIBATA logo)
Aluminum base block
Aluminum base plate
M3 x 6 mm plate screw x 2
M3 x 8 mm button screw x 2
M3 x 5 mm button screw x 4

Installation example (used chassis is GRK-M ver2)
[Mounting example (1)] Mounted on the back of the gear box Mounted according to the assembly instructions using the screws included in the kit
[Mounting example (2)] Mounted on the gear box Separately. 2 M3 x 15 mm button screws and 4 4 mm thick aluminum spacers are used.
[Mounting example ] Mounting the base block alone The screws are the contents of the kit. and the aluminum spacers are 2 mm thick separately.