GRK4 compatible rigid axle set (for reduction gear)

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\2,700 JPY
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\2,610 JPY
GRK4 relationship
¡ü A solid type differential axle set compatible with GRK4.
¡ü By adopting a metal cup and housing. it supports high load and high rotation.
¡ü Applicable chassis: GRK4 / GRK3 / GRK Global Series

¡» Precautions when installing
1: When using the GRK global series standard 16T bevel gear. be sure to use the [R31W251] M2.6X5mm flat head screw because the genuine button screw will interfere with the axle.

2: This product is compatible with our bevel gears from 10T to 16T by combining with the [R31W243] gear spacer set.
¡¦ Example 1 ... GRK4 Standard 10T requires 0 spacers 12T requires 2 spacers.
¡¦ Example 2 ... GRK global standard 16T bevel gear requires 6 pieces.
An M3 button screw that matches the thickness is also required separately.

3: As for the ring gear. [R31W212] one-way & solid ring gear is suitable.