GRK RWD Aluminum integrated front axle

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\2,592 JPY
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\2,500 JPY
GRK4 relationship
〇Applicable chassis and other compatible knuckles

・ GRK4


・ [R31S300] Multi-angle knuckle set or [R31G083] GS2EVO RWD front knuckle equipped vehicle

〇 Product description

The long-awaited front lightweight axle for RWD for GRK users is now available !!

An aluminum hub-integrated axle set that is both light and strong.

GRK4 standard axle body 2.87g is 1.10g (integrated axle body). which is less than half the weight!

Exercise performance is improved by reducing unsprung weight.

Uses a center lock method that fixes the wheel with the included aluminum 3 mm plate washer and plate screw.

It is also one of the most important items for RWD drift

In order to reduce the runout of the front tires. we focused on the accuracy of the fitting portion.

By replacing the attached aluminum spacer. it is possible to change the hub offset from a minimum of 6.5 mm to a maximum of 8.5 mm.


・ Hub integrated axle body ... 2 pieces

・ Spacer for axle ... 4 sheets

・ M3 dish washer S ... 2 pieces

・ M3 x 8mm countersunk screws ... 2 pieces

・ M3 x 6mm button screw ... 2 pieces