Separate battery holder set

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\5,940 JPY
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\5,500 JPY
GRK4 relationship
〇Applicable model
・ GRK4
・ GRK3
・ GRK Global Series including GRK-M (*)
(*) Compatible with our carbon main chassis (cannot be installed on the resin main chassis because the mounting method is different.)

〇 Product description
⚡SHIBATA⚡ Introducing the pure carbon separate battery holder set from the GRK premium series!
The separate battery holder. which allows the battery to be attached and detached with a single touch. brings out the original performance of the chassis without disturbing the bending of the main chassis.
It is a set product that comes with a set of screws. spacers. O-rings. etc. required for mounting on the chassis body (*)
* [DR-B3800] Compatible with SHIBATA DR high performance batteries.
If you are using a battery made by another car. adjust it with a spacer etc. according to the actual size.

・ Two separate battery holders (lower side)
・ Two separate battery holder plates (upper side)
・ [R31G019] 2 battery posts (aluminum)
・ [R31G043] 4 O-rings
・ [R31M077Bk] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 3 mm thick (black) 8 pieces
・ [R31M076BK] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 2 mm thick (black) 2 pieces
・ [R31B072BK] Aluminum 3mm plate washer S (black) 2 pieces
・ [R31M116] 4 M3 nylon nuts
・ [R31M115] Plate screw M3 x 15 mm 4 pieces
・ [R31M112] Plate screw M3 x 8 mm 2 pieces
・ [R31 M109] Button screw M3 x 10 mm 2 pieces