GRK W position front damper stay

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\3,024 JPY
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\2,920 JPY
GRK4 relationship
Compatible chassis

All GRK (* 1 * 2)

(* 1) When installing this product on GRK4. [R31S020] GRK4 damper stay conversion upper pin is required separately.

(* 2) It can be installed on GRK-M ver3. but it may interfere depending on the shape of the body used and the installation position.

Product description

From GRK Premium Series

Introducing the W position front damper stay developed for GRKGS2EVO!

The 4mm thick pure carbon damper stay that is both lightweight and highly rigid

Adopts the optimum damper mounting hole by feedback from GRK4.

By adopting the W position. it is possible to adjust the piston position.

The upper arm shaft mounting hole has a diameter of 3 mm so that M3 screws and pillow balls can be mounted.