GRK Weight Transfer Battery Base Plate

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\5,280 JPY
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\4,750 JPY
GRK4 relationship
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〇 Product description
Weight Transfer His Battery Base Plate is finally here from the GRK Premium Series !!
The 3mm thick carbon plate engraved with the SHIBATA logo has changed the battery mounting position to a high mount method so that you can enjoy weight transfer,
By mounting the battery body on the top of the gear unit, you can expect a traction-up effect by increasing the rear axle load,

〇 About compatible vehicles,
Can be installed on all GRK (*)

* 1… Only some vehicles, such as vehicles equipped with GRK4 or GS2 EVO premium carbon conversion kit, can be fixed with a 3-point stop,

* 2: A separate [R31S035] separate battery holder plate set is required to fix the battery,

* 3… Depending on the shape of the body used and the height of the battery, it may not be possible to install it due to interference,