Adjustable geometry lower arm (red)

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[R31S315] New release of adjustable geometry H arm system lower arm!

By changing the amount of the spacer sandwiched between the split aluminum lower arm

It is possible to adjust the toe angle with the lower arm alone (*)

(*) [R31S303] A wide range of geometry adjustments are possible by using aluminum together with suspension mounts such as low-height adjustable suspension blocks.


〇 commodity contents

・Adjustable main lower arm for each color (2 pieces)

・Adjustable side lower arms for each color (4 pieces)

・[R31M076] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 2mm thick each color (4 pieces)

・[R31M078] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 4mm thick each color (4 pieces)

・[R31G034] Outer suspension pin (2)

・[R31M127] Cap screw M2 x 4mm (4 pieces)

・[R31M145] Button screw M3 x 15mm (4 pieces)

・[R31W220] Suspension ball φ2.5 (4 pieces)