GRK5 bevel gear 14T

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\2,750 JPY
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\2,500 JPY
GRK5 relationship
Introducing a bevel gear with a new number of teeth compatible with GRK5!

The number of teeth has been newly set at 14T to match the recent drifting scene.

You can expect both controllability at half throttle and increased vehicle speed due to increased secondary deceleration.

Applicable car models
GRK4 (*)
*(R31S067) Compatible with GRK5 gear adapter.
It cannot be attached to the GRK4 standard gear adapter (R31S302).

Compatibility with various differential specification vehicles
(R31G001) For ball differential specification
This can be done by replacing and adjusting the backlash adjustment shim.

(R31S023) For GRK4 compatible rigid axle set (for reduction gear) specifications
This can be done by changing the number of additional gear spacers (R31W243) on the ring gear mounting part to 4.
Perform final backlash adjustment using shims on both sides.

(R31W271) For gear differential specification
We recommend using a ring gear with a configuration of 16T to 18T (the back of the ring gear is flat except for the bearing mounting part). ()
Perform final backlash adjustment using shims on both sides.

*Depending on the gear case. it has been confirmed that there are cases that can be used with 10T to 12T ring gear specifications. but this is not recommended as backlash adjustment cannot be performed.