XeRUN XD10 PRO Black

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\34,650 JPY
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\31,500 JPY
Brushless ESC
Normal current value / Instantaneous maximum current value: 100A / 800A
Adaptive motor type: Sensor type / sensorless brushless motor
Applicable model: 1/10 drift car
Adaptive motor: Brushless motor 2S LiPo / 6S NiMH: 8.5T
Usable battery: Li-Po 2S / Ni-MH 6S
BEC output: 5 to 7.4V variable. continuous: 5A (switch mode)
Cooling fan: Operates at stable BEC voltage (5 to 7.4V)
Size / Weight: 40.7 35.0 32.0mm (including fan) / 95g (including wire)
Connector input side: No connector
Connector output side: 3.5mm male plug (3 included)
Programming port: Multi-function LCD program box G2. OTA programmer / FAN port

Equipped with a powerful cooling fan as standard equipment
The stylish aluminum cooling fan produces strong wind power to cool the ESC efficiently.
A high-class finish is achieved by a processing method that utilizes the aluminum material.

13AWG ultra soft silicon wire standard equipment
Equipped with 13AWG ultra-soft silicon wire that does not easily interfere with the chassis roll.
It flexibly supports various mounting methods and maximizes performance on any machine.

Battery reverse polarity internal protection circuit
It has a built-in battery reverse polarity internal protection circuit. and is equipped with a circuit that prevents damage to the internal board even if the + and-are connected in reverse when the battery is installed. (Caution: We do not guarantee 100% damage)
Note: The use of non-polar capacitors (30840004. 30840005) increases the chances of protecting ESC damage. By damaging only the capacitor. it becomes easier to prevent damage to the internal board.

High voltage BEC standard equipment
The built-in BEC supports high voltage such as HV servo.
It can be adjusted in the range of 5.0 to 7.4V (0.1V step).

Smooth setting changes and firmware upgrades possible with the new protocol
The firmware upgrade speed has been improved. and the communication speed between the LCD program box V2 and the OTA programmer has been greatly improved.
30502001 LCD Program Box V2 and 30850400 OTA Programmer support setting changes.

Program optimized for drifting
It is equipped with a high-performance 32-bit M4 microprocessor for ultra-fast and accurate processing of complex data. achieving extremely fast and accurate responsiveness.
The frequency PWM Frequency that has a great effect on the throttle feeling can be adjusted in 1K increments from 1K to 48K. and the brake frequency Brake Frequency can be adjusted in 1K increments from 0.5K to 24K. corresponding to various circuits and road surface conditions. ..
Note: Use with proper settings so that the load is not overloaded.
Abnormal heat generation of the ESC or motor may cause a large mistake in the setting. which may lead to damage. Please be careful enough.

Easy confirmation of real-time data
You can change real-time data and other settings by connecting an OTA programmer.
Note: OTA programmers recommend a Bluetooth transmission distance within a 5m radius. Please note that distance fluctuations and communication speeds may be affected by usage conditions and devices.

Easy setting change with smartphone and OTA programmer
When using the OTA programmer. you can upgrade using the HW Link V2 App.