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\6,600 JPY
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\6,600 JPY
Focus on cost performance
This is HOBBYWINGs QuicRUN series for radio-controlled cars.
As a series for beginners to middle users. it is compatible with small to medium-sized models and will be useful all around.

HOBBYWINGs cutting-edge technology and strict quality control have been implemented to create a high-potential ESC that can be used for a long time with a focus on cost performance. with all three features: ``high performance. ``high versatility. and ``low price.

Description of item
Product number: 30112750
Product name: This is the successor model of QuicRUN-WP-CRAWLER-Brushed.

*Program box is sold separately.
*Cooling fan is not included. Please prepare the screws by yourself.
Recommended cooling fan: HW30860003 ESC cooling fan [for 10BL120]
Screw size: M2.6x15
It can be used for both on-road and off-road. and is recommended as a successor to QuicRUN-WP-1060-Brushed.

Product number: 30120202
Product name: QuicRUN WP 1080 G2
Scale: 1/10th
Brush/Brushless: Brush
Waterproof: Yes

Continuous/Maximum current: 80A/400A
Input voltage: 2-3S LiPo/5-9S NiMH
BEC output: 6V/7.4V/8.4V. @4A max 6A
Battery input wire: Black-14AWG-200mm Red-14AWG-200mm
Motor output wire: Yellow-14AWG-200mm Blue-14AWG-200mm
Battery input connector: XT60 connector
Motor output connector: 4.0mm bullet connector (female)
Note: The length of the wire above is the length from the root. not the length measured from the outside of the case.

[About program changes]
Switch button: possible
HW30501003 LED program box: possible
HW30502001 LCD program box V2: Not available
HW30850400 OTA programmer: Not possible
Programming port: Programming port
Firmware update: Not possible
[Size & Weight]
Size: 37.2x31.9x18.4mm
Weight: 70.2g

Compatible motor: 540 & 550 size brush motor
Compatible models: Various 1/10 sizes