VX CONCEPT Graphite Main Chassis for YD - 2 with VX - DOCK BOP (Black)

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\31,900 JPY
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\20,300 JPY
YD-2 chassis etc/YD-2 SP set
You can now purchase the main chassis alone or with VX-DOCK bolt-on kit.

WRAP-UP signature 2.5 mm twill weave matte finish carbon.

Perfect match for VX-DOCK. With newly added mount holes,
VX-DOCK can be mounted without using the mount posts, which were used for bolt on package.
The mount posts still can be added to adjust the stiffness of the chassis front area.

Compatible with the kit standard steering wiper spec. You can also add VX-DOCK later.

Multiple battery layouts are available. 2 ways with the original kit holder.
2 ways in front and 2 ways in rear with DRB-118L short size Li-po battery holder,
3 ways in rear with 0272-FD graphite battery holder.

Compatible with Drift Package suspension mount and YD-2 suspension mount.

※WRAP-UP HD upper arm 4mm shaft for VX-DOCK mounted upper arm and the
use of long adjustable servo horn is highly recommended.

A set of main chassis, upper deck, VX-DOCK, upper deck mount, post

Main chassis only. For those who already have bolt on packages.