High traction rear universal shaft (5 mm axle / length adjustment mechanism)

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\3,430 JPY
DIB drive relationship
Adjustment width of about 5.5 mm minus 0.5 mm plus DRB / DIB genuine Univer.

For the conventional universal shaft which has pursued the break angle and driving efficiency. it is the exclusive specification for RWD drift which gives top priority to traction. operation feeling (drivability) which is a big element of drift.
Lineup of a 6mm axle model and a DIB / DRB series 5mm axle model.

¢£ Length adjustment mechanism (Adjustable specification)
Adjustable mechanism that can adjust the length of 6 mm width (12 mm width by tread) optimized based on the current drift model standard.
It holds the dog bone strongly with a double lock structure.

¢£ Improvement of power control ability generated by unequal speed rotation.
By bringing the cross spider axis closer to the differential side. it makes it easier to tilt the universe and induces unequal speed rotation.
It creates intentional partial throttle. improves traction. power controllability.
As a back-end technique. setting the dog bone to rotate 90 degrees (completely unequal speed) will result in a much higher unequal speed.

* Please search the screamer engine / big bang engine for details on unequal speed rotation.

¢¨ If the angles of the universal are parallel. they will rotate at the same speed.
Increasing the tilt angle will increase the unequal speed.
In 90 ¡ë rotation (complete unequal speed). unequal speed increases with a slight universe flap angle. accompanied by increased vibration and burden on the driving system. so please use the basic as a standard specification.

¢£ Weight rearing produces rear weight & counter torque effect.
Approximately 2.5 g (5 g left and right) weight up compared with conventional Univer.
The weight effect of 5 g and the rotation of the unit increase the anti-torque effect.