Pitch checker attachment

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\1,944 JPY
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\1,880 JPY
Supports accurate and unrivaled settings. Also for dimensioning parts.
An attachment tool that can accurately measure the distance between the centers of holes simply by attaching it to a caliper.

It is an attachment tool that can accurately and speedily measure between the centers of holes. which was difficult until now. just by attaching it to a caliper. Make the tip conical
Can be measured regardless of the hole diameter.
If you measure the dimensions of the parts and attach the pillow ball to the screw on the opposite side. you can accurately adjust the turnbuckle while looking at the numerical values.
Compatible with most commercially available calipers.
It is a recommended tool that you can use regardless of the category.
Made of steel (1 set of 2)

How to read the numerical values when installing the digital caliper
¢£ After resetting the counter. install the pitch checker and the displayed value will be the correct value.
¢£ Reset the counter after installing the pitch checker The correct value is the value obtained by adding 10 mm from the displayed value.

If you attach a pillow ball etc. to the 3mm screw hole on the opposite side. you can also adjust the turnbuckle while checking the numerical value.
(Please change the fixing of the attachment to a set screw.)

* The caliper body is not included with this product.