RDX cross conversion kit

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\16,500 JPY
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\15,670 JPY
An X platform that goes beyond RDX.
RDX cross conversion kit debut!

As a pure RDX conversion kit. of course. RR conversion using YD-2R gear unit. [HG front conversion for ReveD slide rack specification YD-2] Cantilever upper arm specification / VX-DOCK2 We have made it possible to customize a wide variety of installations.

¢£2.5mm thick carbon main chassis and upper deck.
[The area around the suspension mount has been made narrower to increase the degree of freedom in reversing the suspension mount. ]
¢£ Complete coverage of RDX standard resin chassis & FRP chassis hole.
[Can be used with RDX standard resin side braces and optional FRP side decks. ]
¢£ WRAP-UPs own custom hole added to the main chassis.
FRONT: Compatible with YD-2 bulkhead. ReveDs RD-008 [HG front conversion set for slide rack specification YD-2] is used to make a cantilever upper specification while keeping the steering mechanism of RDX. It is also possible to install VX-DOCK2 made by WRAP-UP. REAR: Compatible with YD-2 gearbox. RR is achieved by combining the gear unit for YD-2R and the optional RR carbon joint plate.

* To convert to RR. a separate YD-2R gear unit and optional RR carbon joint plate are required.
*It is recommended to place the cross conversion kit at the rear of the servo. In the case of the standard position. raise the upper deck with a spacer etc. so as not to interfere with the servo horn.

Commodity composition:
¢£ Cross conversion carbon main chassis (2.5t)
¢£ Cross conversion carbon upper deck (2.5t)
¢£ Aluminum upper deck brace
¢£ 7.5mm BRASS side brace post
¢£ Other spacers and screws