Aluminum shock adjustment black Type-2 / Purple For OD

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\4,104 JPY
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\3,800 JPY
OverDose/Vacula Parts/Divall Parts/Dori Pake suspension
OD staple items is model change! Aluminum shock adjustment block Type-2 appeared! !
Aluminum shock is the adjustment block Type-2. But its the type you want to change the mounting position of the ball stud of until now adjusting unit (amount) is large and fine adjustment was difficult. it is now possible to fine adjustment With this Type-2 in the spacer adjustable. In addition. we have a set of the traction-oriented limited only to the outside than the shock mounting position of the normal adjustment range. It has become a feeling with a supple and stickiness The unique ground sense of this type unique to the presence of the lever ratio to the shock mounting position with respect to the suspension arms.