Adjustable Aluminum Rear Upright (For OD. YD-4. YD-2 / black)

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\12,960 JPY
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\12,540 JPY
YD-2 suspension
Adjustable aluminum rear upright. The two-piece structure of the axle mount and upright base allows for various adjustments such as toe angle. tread. and axle shaft height.
-The toe angle can be selected from 0 . 1 . and 2 by changing the screw mounting position. In addition. since only the toe angle changes. quantitative setting is possible.
-Upper arm mounting positions are set to 5 locations. It corresponds to various settings.
-The tread width can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacer between the axle mount and the upright base.
-By reversing the axle mount. the axle shaft height can be selected from two types: normal position and 2 mm down.
-Equipped with a steel adapter pipe at the suspin insertion part. Compatible with both 2mm and 2.6mm suspins. As a result. it can be installed not only on OD chassis but also on Yokomo YD chassis.
-Comes with a dedicated axle shaft.
* Please prepare a drive shaft that is about 3 mm shorter than the one you are currently using.
-Optimized drive shaft length and mounting angle by adopting a dedicated axle shaft. It greatly contributes to the improvement of traction performance.

Simultaneous replacement is recommended!
The drive shaft 45.5mm. which is recommended for those who use the above rear upright and who use the standard drive shaft (48mm) of the OD chassis kit. is also in stock at the same time. It is recommended to replace it with the spider set for maintenance.
OD1093 Cross Spider Set 540 (tax included)
OD1096 drive shaft (45.5mm. 2mm pin) 1.944 (tax included)
OD1098 drive shaft (48mm. 2mm pin) 1.944 (tax included)