Multipurpose aluminum bulkhead (ForGALM / Black)

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\25,920 JPY
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\24,000 JPY
GALM Parts
Sorry I made you wait! It is the appearance of aluminum rear bulkhead for GALM.
The rigidity around the rear has been greatly improved by changing the normal resin to high rigidity duralumin.
This makes it possible to significantly improve drift control and traction performance.
In addition. the two-piece structure enables access to the differential while the rear bulkhead is mounted on the chassis. and the use of a separate piece hatch for the ball bearing portion that supports the main shaft enables center pulley replacement to be performed quickly. I was able to do it.
In addition to normal drive and counter drive. gear drive can be selected as an option.
Of course. it is also possible to combine floating motor mounting systems (no counter drive is possible).