OD Factory Tuned Spec. Brushless Motor Ver.3 10.5 T (Red)

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\23,544 JPY
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\21,800 JPY
Brushless Motor
As the third collaboration model of OVERDOSE and ACUVANCE. it is a finished Akuma special model sticking to more than the previous work.
LUXON AGILE is popular as it is easy to handle with a smooth rush.
In addition to 10.5 T. which is standard in the drift scene. the number of turns is 6.5 T which is a wonderful low turn number this time.
In this. AccuVance finishes feeling of torque and feeling matching the number of turns by equipping LV 42 (10.5 T) and LV 38 (6.5 T) rotors which are set as standard as standard equipment.
In addition. the case design is an aggressive and delicate design which took into consideration the specification at high rotation. taking the cooling hole large.
And the unique sound emanating from this shape intensely appeals its presence not only on the pits but also on the course.
3.5 connector terminal for easy mounting on the chassis Terminated with soldering.
14 gauge wire (300 mm) 1.
Sensor cable (150 mm) 1.
3 male connectors included.