High-grade shock set spec.3 (total length adjustable. 4 sets)

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\25,300 JPY
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\23,000 JPY
GALM Parts/OverDose/Vacula Parts/Divall Parts/DAMPER SPRING PARTS
OD high grade shock has evolved to spec.3 and is now available!
Greatly improved traction by adopting a thin piston and increasing the stroke! !!

The popular high-grade shock has evolved to spec.3 with smooth movement due to the friction loss suppressed to the limit. The piston thickness is thinner than the pistons up to spec.2. and the rise of damping at the beginning of the stroke is set in a mild direction. As a result. the force with which the tire grips the road surface when a load is applied to the tire increases. and the traceability of the front tire and the traction of the rear tire can be improved. Furthermore. the dedicated shock shaft has a longer stroke by making the shaft length 28 mm. Along with improving the ground contact by increasing the stroke. it is easy to use a spring with a long free length. In addition. the design of the shock bracket and spring end has been significantly changed. Aggressive post-cutting that seems to show off that it is spec.3. Set of 4 Spring is not included.