Lightweight Bumper Type-TC (For OD/black)

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\7,344 JPY
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\7,100 JPY
Produced by OD support driver TAKE-C!
Introducing a super lightweight bumper specializing in competition! !!

A lightweight bumper produced by TAKE-C. an OD support driver and charismatic character in the Tohoku region.
This lightweight bumper is 4.5 grams while the normal resin bumper weighs 8.6 grams!
We have succeeded in reducing the weight by about 50%.
Despite this lightweight finish. a dedicated lightweight bracket is used to secure mounting strength.
By securing a sufficient thread length. it is possible to secure sufficient strength even when using screws other than normal steel screws.
Also. by firmly processing the body post mounting seat surface. the fitting of the bumper and body post is also good and it prevents the body post from rotating due to unexpected external force.
Available in 3 shocks. purple. red and black.
*Bumper support is not used.