VALINO GV330 26mm (Lime Yellow / OFF + 7)

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\1,980 JPY
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\1,880 JPY
Drift Wheel Offset 6-9
OVERDOSE x VALINO The rumored collaboration tires and wheels are finally here!
Introducing a new compound and size that will take RC drift to a new stage! !!

Finally appeared!
Introducing tires and wheels realized in collaboration with OVERDOSE x VALINO.
The tires are a complete reproduction of the VALINO PERGEA 08RS.
In order to pursue realism. the sidewall shape. outer diameter. round ratio of the tread surface. and the realistic groove depth. which was difficult in the past. are completely reproduced.
In addition to the conventional 26mm width. we also have a lineup of 30mm width.
The material is HDPE. but a compound that emphasizes grip is used.
We have balanced the grip and controllability required to reproduce the powerful actual vehicle drift scene with high grip and high speed with RC drift at a high level.
Wheels are released at the same time according to the tires.
The VALINO GV330. which is familiar even in actual vehicle drift. is realistically reproduced.
A strong grip is secured by using R-Spec. As the material.
Of course. we have both 26mm and 30mm sizes to suit your tires. Two tires and two wheels are included.