JT Aluminum Direct Servo Horn 25 (black / for futaba)

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\6,696 JPY
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\6,200 JPY
The first OD support driver produced by JUNTA!
Introducing essential items for accurate and unrivaled steering control! !!

An aluminum direct servo horn produced by JUNTA. an OD support driver.
With racing specifications that eliminate the servo saver function. the movement of the servo is transmitted to the front tires without missing.
In addition. by adopting a step adjust. the total length can be adjusted in 7 steps from 16 to 22 mm at a 1 mm pitch.
It enables accurate and reproducible settings. and at the same time. the length does not change due to a crash while driving.
Furthermore. by setting the length of the servo horn longer. the effect of suppressing hunting is great.
OD2802-4 is for Sanwa and KO. and OD2805-7 is for Futaba.
Three colors. purple. red. and black. are available for each.

* Since it does not have a servo saver function. there is a risk of damage or damage to the servo and the steering mechanism area due to a crash. Please use it after understanding in advance.