RY long spring set 34mm (1.1x2 types 1.2x2 types 2 pieces each)

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\6,264 JPY
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\5,800 JPY
Introducing a shock spring produced by RYO!
The feeling of ground contact and traction performance are greatly improved by making it longer! !!

A shock spring produced by the OD support driver RYO.
Compared to the conventional free length of 30 mm. the stroke has been increased to 32 mm and 34 mm to increase the movement of the spring itself. greatly improving the feeling of ground contact and traction performance.
Spring steel. which has excellent settling resistance. is used as the material for optimum heat treatment. and combined with the adoption of a semi-open end. it is finished with extremely controllable characteristics.
Of course. the specifications of each spring on the side of the spring and the OVERDOSE logo are alive and well.
For both 32mm and 34mm. ¦Õ1.1 has 7 and 8 rolls. and ¦Õ1.2 has 8 and 9 rolls.