Transrange chassis set (For GALM. GALM ver.2 / purple)

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\37,800 JPY
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\35,000 JPY
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Change to a new GALM that transcends the realm of preconceived ideas! !!

A chassis set for GALM that allows you to change the wheelbase.
By making the main chassis 2 pieces. the wheelbase can be changed in 7 stages centering on the standard 258 mm.
By using the aluminum suspension mount. which is an optional part for GALM. the wheelbase can be set almost steplessly from a maximum of 276 mm to a minimum of 241 mm. and it is compatible with various bodies such as Addictions real scale body series. To do.
In addition. a hang-up battery mount that hangs and mounts the battery from the upper chassis is adopted.
By actively placing the load transfer generated by the rolling of the chassis on the tires. it is possible to jump into the corner at a higher angle and speed than ever before.
In addition. almost all GALM-like optional parts such as TC aluminum low mount suspension mount and counter drive set can be installed. so you can enjoy it with various settings and specifications.
Available in three colors: purple. red. and black.