JT Aluminum Rear ESC Mount (For Vacula II GALM GALM ver.2 / Black)

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\8,580 JPY
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\7,800 JPY
GALM Parts
Finally. the rear ESC mount is newly released from Overdose!
Traction performance is greatly improved by making the front and rear weight distribution of the machine the center of gravity of the rear! !!

Aluminum rear ESC mount produced by OD support driver JUNTA. By moving the ESC to the rear overhang part. it is possible to balance the weight closer to the rear without increasing the weight of the vehicle. This greatly improves traction performance and leads to an overwhelming increase in vehicle speed. In addition. it is an optional part that can be recommended for beginners as it makes it possible to obtain a stable grip on the rear tires. It can be installed on all specifications such as normal resin and optional aluminum rear bulkhead. and floating motor mount. Available in three colors: purple. red. and black.