Body catcher NEO (for Yokomo)

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\1,628 JPY
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\1,036 JPY
¢¨ This product there are two types for for Yokomo and Tamiya.

Three parts of the chassis black convex protrusion
Three transparent body side plate
Three double-sided tape
Two round sponge
One aluminum mesh tape

Front body post is hidden
I reproduce the real body!

How to use

We will fine-tune the sponge up and down round post a convex protrusion fixed to the body black.

Bent at a right angle to near transparent polycarbonate plate. I pasted exactly so that the square hole as much as possible before the left and right according to the projection for body post holes after painting. To mark the place where the body and the body hit the post may be used as a reference position if there is no hole projection you should decide where a good while to fine-tune the body from side to side around the polycarbonate plate. Position has been determined I paste the supplied double-sided tape.

I further reinforced with aluminum mesh tape. ¢¨ The unwanted parts cut with scissors before using the transparent polycarbonate plate so have made ​​a little larger width.