Real Grade TOYOTA GR86 PANDEM Light Weight Body

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\14,300 JPY
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\12,870 JPY
TOYOTA/Real grade/200mm or more body
Changed the thickness of polycarbonate from 0.8mm to 0.5mm.
The movement becomes lighter. which is directly linked to speed. but the strength is reduced. so it is a body for very advanced players only for competitions.

Up until now. the body had been made to match the conventional chassis size. so it couldnt be called realistic. so Addiction stopped all conventional deformation and used the 3D data of the actual vehicle as is!It was impossible to do. Succeeded in exceeding the previously known limits of vacuum forming!
There is nothing more realistic than this. Addictions Real Grade Body Series. which is particular about the ultimate shape!

Wheelbase: 258mm
Front tread: 193mm
Rear tread: 195mm

*The image is a painting example or a reference image of the actual vehicle. The product will be a clear body.