GMA626P AC/DC Charger

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Free combination! Two different batteries can be charged and discharged at the same time!
Almost all Li-based and Ni-based batteries. which occupy most of the hobby. can be charged and discharged independently at the same time. The latest ARM 32Bit processor executes the optimum charge / discharge process for each configured item.

Easy to understand necessary information! High-definition LCD & Japanese display.
Uses a Japanese display that is easy to handle and effective in preventing accidental erroneous operations. A high-definition liquid crystal with excellent display performance has been adopted to make the display easier to read and greatly improve visibility. It is possible to check the necessary information instantly and surely.

Simple operation of turn and push! Easy to handle high functionality.
Basic operations and settings can be performed with a single dial. It has excellent operability such as numerical setting. and realizes reliable operation with simple operation. In consideration of prevention of erroneous operation and quick response in an emergency. the stop / channel select button is arranged independently.

Stabilized power supply function that can be used widely! Also as a pit tool power supply.
It can also be used as a DC stabilized power supply with a maximum of 14A (130W) x 2 systems. The output voltage can be set in the range of 5 to 25V. As a power source for various pit tools and setting devices. it can be used in a variety of ways. not limited to charging and discharging.

Wireless with a dedicated app! Compatible with BT-LINK (sold separately).
By using the optional BT-LINK. it supports Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. Charging and discharging can be operated and set by using the dedicated app. Easy operation is realized graphically.
Bluetooth module BT-LINK (G0328)

With a regulated power supply function.
Multi-function dual AC / DC charger.

Dual AC / DC charger that can output up to 130W / 14A at the same time
Two batteries of different types / capacities can be charged and discharged at the same time
Equipped with a power supply function. capable of DC output of up to 25V
Equipped with many safety functions such as reverse connection protection circuit and temperature cut
Easy operation with Japanese (katakana) display
Can be operated from a dedicated app using the separately sold BT-LINK


GMA626P AC / DC Charger body
AC input cable
Japanese instruction manual

* Charging connector is not included.

Product Specifications

AC input voltage 100-240V
Balance adjustment current 500mA / cell (maximum value)
DC input voltage 11-18V
Safety timer 1-720 minutes OFF
DC power output 5-25V / 130W (x2 system)
Memory function Up to 10 memories
USB output 5V / 2.1A
Compatible batteries LiPo / LiIon / LiFe / LiHV: 1-6 cells
NiMH / NiCd: 1-15cell Pb: 2-20V
LCD display 128x64 LCD display
Body size 160 x 150 x 71 mm
Charging current 0.1-14.0A / 130W ( 2 system)
Weight 896g
Discharge current 0.1-2.0A / 10W ( 2 system)
Delta peak setting width NiMH / NiCD 3-15mV / cell

Battery parameters

Rated voltage 3.7V / cell 3.6V / cell 3.3V / cell 3.8V / cell 1.2V / cell 1.2V / cell 2.0V / cell
Charging completion voltage 4.2V / cell 4.1V / cell 3.6V / cell 4.35V / cell 1.5V / cell 1.5V / cell 2.46V / cell
Storage voltage 3.8V / cell 3.7V / cell 3.3V / cell 3.85V / cell n / a n / a n / a
Recommended charging current value ≤