Q6 Plus DC Charger

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\11,880 JPY
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\9,500 JPY
Condensed the latest technology in the extremely small body of palm size. Innovative · New generation charger.

Maximum 300 W / 14 A high power that can accommodate a large capacity multi-cell battery with a margin in a compact case of only 8 cm square. Combined with intuitive operability by the jog dial. we can comfortably and speedily charge without imagining from its size.

Check operating status at a glance. Colorful full color · IPS 2.4 inch display adopted.

A high-definition 2.4 inch full color IPS display that shows the operation status with the display color and expresses characters clearly. It has a wide angle viewing angle of up to 178 ¡ë and automatic illuminance adjustment function according to the surrounding brightness and displays with clear contrast even under outdoor sunlight.

Jog dial with excellent operability. Simple operation just to turn and press.

Adopted an aluminum jog dial that combines moderate weight and click feel. From the start / end of charging / discharging to the setting of each item. all operations are integrated into 2 actions of [turn / push]. making intuitive operation possible. Go ahead. advance advanced functions and performance simple and easy to handle.

Cooling that promises stable operation Built-in cooling fan with large air flow.

Built-in cooling fan that enables stable operation under all conditions. By optimizing the flow of air and placing a large capacity heat sink on that path. we realize outstanding waste heat that can not be imagined from a compact enclosure.

Easily operate all information with colorful. excellent visibility.

In addition to the change in screen color according to the operating situation. high contrast display with high brightness · high definition display makes it possible to instantaneously identify any information. Also supports Japanese display ¢¨ 1. even those who are unfamiliar with operations can easily operate.

Product Specifications

Input voltage
DC 7 - 32 V

Supported battery
LiFe / Lilon / LiPo / LiHv (1-6 S)
NiMH / Cd (1-16 S)
Pb (1-12 S)

Maximum current consumption
15 A

Output voltage
0 to 30 V

Charging current
0.1 - 14.0 A

320x240 2.4 inch

IPS display

Discharge current
0.1-3.0 A

Maximum charging power
300 W

Operating temperature
0 - 40 ¡ë C

Maximum discharge power
8 W

Storage temperature
-20-60 ¡ë C

Balance current
1A / cell

body size
80 x 80 x 33.5 mm

Balanced cell

119 g