HT brass suspension mount spacer 1.0 mm thick. 2 pieces for YD-2 / GALM

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GALM Parts/YD-2 suspension
¢£ High traction item that can be used for the YD-2 / GALM series! HT Brass Suspension Mount Spacers t0.5 and t1.0 are now on sale!
¢£ High traction brass (brass) is now available for the suspension mount spacer. which is indispensable for setting around the legs!
¢£ As a recent setting trend. changing the roll center is an essential item! I think that most of the conventional suspension mount spacers are made of resin or aluminum. but by using this HT brass suspension mount spacer. the stickiness and weight are slightly increased by taking advantage of the characteristics of the brass material. . You can expect an improvement in the feeling of ground contact and a feeling of tracing!
¢£ For example. in the case of around the front. if you have adjusted the feel of the front with the existing suspension mount spacer. you can further increase the front information by changing to this HT brass suspension mount spacer!
¢£ As an example. from the place where the weight was increased by bumper brace etc. to get a feeling of ground contact. the information of the front tire does not change even if it is attached and detached to reduce the weight. the initial reaction is improved and the trace feeling is improved! The weight around the front has been reduced. and the information on the front has dropped .... It is a highly recommended item for machines!
¢£ By using it around the rear. you can feel the grip and the stickiness in the lateral direction. and it will change to the characteristics that are very easy to handle!
¢£ HT Brass Suspension Mount Spacer that allows you to fine-tune the front-rear balance of your machine! From a sliding machine to a sliding machine!

* Because of the nature of the product. it is made of a soft material and is easy to bend. so please handle it with care. Also. there may be some bending. but please be assured that it will return to its original position once it is attached to the chassis.

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¡¦ HT brass suspension mount spacer 0.5 mm thick. 2 pieces for YD-2 / GALM