Scheduled to arrive in late DecemberYD-2 Series High Traction Conversion Chassis Ver.1 2.1t [2nd Lot / Limited to 100 Sheets]

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\16,200 JPY
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\15,000 JPY
YD-2 chassis etc
High traction chassis for YD-2 series with 2.1t pure dry carbon! Feel the roll. pitching and yawing! Released as a 2nd lot / 100-sheet limited model!

Highly rigid 2.1mm pure dry carbon that feels roll. pitching. and yawing is used.
By making the rear into a slit shape. the flexible chassis roll is actively utilized to achieve high controllability and high traction performance!
While making it an ultra-lightweight narrow chassis. it also secures the degree of freedom in mechanical layout!
We adopt maintenance hole for slide rack adjustment.
Ackermans fine adjustment is possible by adopting two bell crank mounting positions. the standard position and the rear half hole.
YD 2E / S / R / Z series gearbox can be installed. It also supports TOPLINE belt converters!
Horizontal stacking using Yokomo battery holders (DRB 118. DRB 118L) (7 stages. front 2 stages. rear 5 stages is possible.
* Depending on the number of teeth of the spur gear used and the type of gearbox. it may not be possible to use 7 levels.
By using the battery under plate for RC926 YD-2E / EX series / SXIII / Z (KN YD04 / 05 / 06). the battery holder for YD-2 can be used.
* 4 M3 screws and 4 M3 nuts are required for installation. You can also raise the battery position by using an M3 spacer between the chassis and the battery underplate.
The suspension mount can be turned upside down if it is Yokomo C / D / E.
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YD-2 series high traction conversion chassis Ver.1 2.1t 1 piece