High Traction Tire Inner Ver.S DBR / BE 1 each

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Drift Tire
High Traction Tire Inner Ver.S. which uses a new material for the inner of E-DRIFT tires. is now on sale!
Tire inner High traction tire inner ver.S which newly adopted felt cushion material from the conventional sponge material is newly released!
This high traction tire inner ver.S contributes to the prevention of tire disengagement by adopting felt cushion material to stabilize the surface pressure on the tire and by having anti-slip.
The moderate elasticity of the felt cushion material contributes to zero start. improvement of the stability of the rear after flying. and improvement of side grip. It also improves re-acceleration during turning and traction performance when stepping on. I think there is a feeling of drifting more than the tire inners so far.
There are two colors. dark brown and beige. one for each. for a total of two sets. It comes with tape and can be easily attached. You can use it according to your preference. such as color-coding the front and back.
High traction tire inner ver.S has a size of about 150 x 100 mm. There is a scale of 5 mm on the back side. so please adjust the width and length with scissors according to the wheel you use and your preference.
* When attaching to the wheel. it is recommended to attach masking tape etc. to the wheel first. and then attach the high traction tire inner ver.S.

Size: Approximately 150mm x 100mm Thickness: Approximately 2.5mm