38 Super Electromagnetic WAVE Sheet 2 Sheets

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RC926 WEB SHOP BASE store only! Sanpachi Super Electromagnetic WAVE Sheet (with sticker) Trial version is very popular with limited quantity pre-sale! Sorry to keep you waiting! 38 Super Electromagnetic WAVE Sheet Product version will be on sale!
By attaching to electronic devices such as RC car batteries. radio batteries. servos. and gyros. you can control the electromagnetic waves emitted from the electronic devices. improve traction. improve the feeling of ground contact. and improve the steering feel. !!
On the radio side. the sense of stability is improved as if the gyro gain was increased. On the battery side for RC cars. you can feel the increase in initial speed during acceleration and the improvement in throttle response.
Product size Approx. 20 mm x Approx. 30 mm Thickness Approx. 0.5 mm