RX battery holder base (Silver)

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\2,570 JPY
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\2,142 JPY
RX-12J CE-RX chassis etc/CE-RX chassis etc/YD-2 chassis etc
The RX battery holder can be assembled independently from the chassis. making it easy to move the battery back and forth and adjust the height.
Efficient use under the battery is also possible.

¢£ By making it easier to adjust the battery position. it will be one of the setups to make it possible to change the position of the center of gravity smoothly.
¢£ Chassis rigidity dramatically improves by mounting it on the chassis and driving performance changes greatly.
¢£ By making space under the battery. you can also make it clean by putting weights and sensor wires to the motor through the bottom of the battery.
¢£ Since the hole position is the same from the CE - RX system. it can be diverted to various types of cars.

The battery holder is completed before installing the chassis. In the case of

¡ü Naturally you can attach to popular YD-2ART combo by using RX battery holder!