RX - 14 J (JAGER. 4) dedicated counter torque motor plate

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\4,298 JPY
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\1,990 JPY
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Traction secured item on low road! !

Although it is popular Yeega 4 since its release. this time we are reversing the mounting position of the motor as a further potential upgrade.

It can be installed without processing.
Adopting a motor plate in the form of a heat sink to alleviate motor heat generation during high boost.
Adjustment of the gear ratio is not changed at all.
Since the idler gear can be adjusted for backlash. you can freely select the spar.

Adjust the backlash by adjusting the spur and idler gear and then adjust the idler gear and pinion gear.

Adjust the backlash of the idler gear with the slide of the motor plate.