Rear Body Mount LightWeight (Magnet) Red

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\3,888 JPY
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\3,240 JPY
Body mount related/Body mount related
We realized lighter weight more than 40% than the popular rear body mount!

¡ü Ensure the strength and realize the mild lightness by doing the lightening processing to the limit!
¡ü Magnet attached also contributes to miniaturization and weight reduction.
(Caution is necessary because the magnetic force is weakened)

¢£ Rear body mount (magnet)
17.5 g (for two)
¢£ Rear Body Mount LightWeight (Magnet)
10.5 g (for two bottles)

* Adjust the fine height using a spacer etc. with the magnet. In case

¢£ It is possible to tell the rear downforce firmly to the damper.
¢£ Because of competition specifications that prioritize weight reduction. the magnetic force becomes weaker a little.
¢£ We prepared 7 colors.
¢£ By using the front and rear. magnet type body mount.
You can direct the body to the real.