ART-S Conversion for YD-2S (Black)

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\27,864 JPY
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\23,220 JPY
YD-2 chassis etc/YD-2 SP set
¡ü Proposal of a new run like the RC-ART YD-2 combo for overthrow YD-2

· The actual warfare test in the prototype took over half a year and corrected many times and finished.
- Balance of design and running performance to satisfy ownership feeling is compatible at high level.
· The degree of freedom of the mounting position of the mechanism is increasing.

Corresponds to all YD - 2 conditions!
¡ù It is also possible to install the latest [Y2-202SRS] YD - 2 S Series Round Lee ST slide rack bulkhead set.
¡ù You can also convert from the YD - 2 E chassis kit by simply adding a transmission case for the Y2 - 302S YD - 2S series.
¡ù There are two types of color. center and bulk black and red. (Of course. beveledge processing is applied)

- Motor mounting position can be changed.
- Battery holder for Jaeger and steering crank can be used.

Note: [ART 2234] RX Battery Support & [ART 2353] RX Short Size Li-po Battery Holder or [Y2-118] Battery Holder for YD-2 / Battery Mount or [DRB-118L] Short Size Li-po Battery for DRB Holder is necessary.